Overcoming Common Challenges in Implementing Effective IT Security Measures

Organizations face a variety of challenges when it comes to implementing effective IT security measures. From lack of knowledge to inadequate resources, these issues can be difficult to overcome. However, with the right strategies and tools, organizations can make significant progress in protecting their assets and information. The adoption of a comprehensive security framework is essential for organizations of all sizes.

According to survey data, companies that have adopted such a framework have seen clear benefits, such as meeting contractual obligations, achieving measurable security improvements, and demonstrating security readiness to business leaders. Even those that have only recently started the process have made significant progress in automating fundamental sub-controls. Organizations may not have the internal resources or experience to manage all aspects of cybersecurity, leading them to consider outsourcing security work to external providers. It is also important to identify the most critical data points and continuously evaluate and update security measures.

When migrating from traditional systems to new integrated systems, organizations must be aware of the “open doors and opportunities” for cyberattacks that older systems can create. Additionally, preventing suppliers from accessing sensitive information can be a challenge due to the nature of the business. Employees working in the IT security field often report a lack of knowledge about best practices in their organizations. To address this issue, organizations should invest in training and education for their staff.

Additionally, they should allocate adequate resources to both technological innovation and cybersecurity. The Verve Security Center (VSC) is an effective tool for organizations looking to protect their assets and information. It provides a comprehensive framework for managing cybersecurity challenges in the ICS and offers automated sub-controls for greater efficiency and maturity of security operations. To learn more about the VSC, check out the brochure or request a demonstration.

Jacquelyn Hamling
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